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In Africa we focus on promoting yoga in schools and its use to improve the integral health of vulnerable groups and in Spain we are promoting yoga and art therapy to improve the mental health of children and eldery people.

Africa remains the only continent where the vast majority of indigenous people do not know what classical yoga is and what the benefits of its practices are, as well as how other types of activities are connected to this ancient wisdom, such as the arts and other types of general knowledge.

In Africa we have been developing projects related to the propagation and teaching of yogic values and lifestyle for almost a decade, including music, dance and other general knowledge capable of generating social and environmental change.

Currently the Foundation does not have infrastructure in Africa where volunteer work is needed. If you want to help us, you can organize events to raise awareness about the actions that our organisation is developing or organize events to raise funds and thus help us continue expanding our projects.

Currently the foundation does not have any centers in Spain or in any African country.

The Foundation manages all its yoga programs only with those teachers who have been trained by Bihar School of Yoga, (India), the Satyananda Yoga Academies or with those that are trained by the YPV Foundation.

Thus far, funds have come from the personal work of Dharmajyoti and Nuria as well from private donations, companies and fundraising events. 

We understand that potential donors want to know how their money is going to be spent, so we are committed to keeping all donors regularly informed of the development of our projects through a newsletter and email, so they will know that their donations have been well invested. Dharmajyoti personally moves in the field to make sure that all the expenses derived from each project have no intermediaries and there is complete transparency.

Until now, all the work carried out by the Foundation has been done with the help of volunteers; in this way we exclusively use all our resources for the projects we develop.

100% of your donation will be used to finance our projects. As a non-profit foundation we have an obligation under Spanish Law to ensure that your donation is used for the work that is described in the activities of the Foundation, unless it is clearly stated otherwise.

Ramón, with a doctorate in law and practicing law since 1985, has offices in Granada, Madrid, Malaga and Zaragoza. Nuria and Dharmajyoti offers workshops and courses, which continues to be their livelihood.