Building a new social fabric through yoga

Working to Consolidate Peace

"Yoga for Resilience and Reconciliation"

Since 2018 our impact has improved the mental and physical health of more than 100 elderly genocide survivors, more than 100 hospital caregivers, and more than 120 vulnerable children and youth

We are currently organising a program in Kigali, to educate in  yogic values, a future generation of yoga teachers, with the aim to multiply the effect of our impact throughout the whole country.

Our achievements

Yoga for elderly genocide survivors

The elderly, traumatised by the genocide, feel mental and emotional relief through the yogic techniques


Yoga for hospital care givers

Care givers at Kigali and Butare Teaching Hospital Centres benefit from yoga practices

Yoga for children

Yoga has reached homeless or mentally disabled children

Yoga Pura Vida Foundation yoga for children with mental disabilities in Rwanda Africa