Empowering children & youth!

Education, health and wellbeing

Working from the heart

Since 2018, the teachers trained by YPV have been working in Kampala in a serious and committed way to support children and youth living in situations of extreme vulnerability.

Sharing with love and enthusiasm techniques that help to cope with situations of great difficulty, their work focuses on using suitable yogic tools for different situations, from children with autism, or undergoing chemotherapy, to youth living in slums.

Yoga has been introduced in schools, orphanages and organisations.

A wonderful work!

Children in Slums

Outreach classes for vulnerable children living in extreme poverty.

Children undergoing chemotherapy

The oncologist said: “Yoga practices help to make chemo very easy and smooth with pretty much all of them”

Children and youth with autism and other mental disorders

Yoga techniques help improve your flexibility, strength, coordination, and ability to relax


Yoga has been introduced in public and private schools, improving education and the cognitive capacity of students.

NGO 's and Institutions

Yoga has been introduced in various organisations and orphanages, benefiting children and programs of several NGO ‘s.

Working for Peace & Hope

With the intention of sowing peace and hope in unprivileged communities, yoga teachings focus on children.