Ten years sharing yoga!

We have impacted thousands of children

Yoga in schools, orphanages and different organisations and institutions

In 2013, the first three yoga teachers began their training in a small village called Kikokwe; today we have teachers in different cities. Yoga has been accepted as part of the curriculum in several schools, and the demand for teachers in schools continues to increase.

During the first 5 months of 2023 we have organised 2 program in yogic values, 1 in Zanzibar and other one in Arusha, with the aim of training a new generation of instructors to continue expanding yoga around the country.

Our achievements

Yoga in primary and secondary schools

Since 2018, yoga has been part of the educational program in primary and secondary schools in Arusha and Bagamoyo

Yoga in Orphanages and NGO's

Since 2016, yoga has been introduced in orphanages and various NGOs working with children

Yoga for children, youth and adults

Since 2013, children, youth and adults have been introduced to yogic practices in different cities and villages around the country

Yoga Pura Vida Foundation yoga for adults in Tanzania Africa

Yoga for expats and tourists

Since 2016, our teachers have the opportunity to work teaching tourists and expats in hotels and safaris