We sow seeds of love and peace for a more prosperous and happy future

About Us

We are a non-profit foundation, independent of public, political and religious authorities that works to comprehensively benefit children and youth in underprivileged and vulnerable communities in Africa.

We contribute to reducing poverty and inequality by generating new job opportunities, as well as opportunities to self-employ. We promote solidarity to collaborate in the construction of a fairer, happier, healthier and more prosperous society.

We have eight years of history as a self-organised international movement in Africa and we have evolved into a non-profit foundation acting in six African countries. We are developing our presence in another seven countries on the continent.


Through the propagation of psychophysical and emotional training, we promote the ethical and universal values of the yogic lifestyle among children and youth, families and communities, especially those that are in a condition of exclusion and inequality.


We promote ourselves as a reference foundation in the development of communities capable of self-managing a dignified and self-sustainable life.


  • Share the tools that yoga offers to interact in the world in a conscious, peaceful and integrative way.
  • Promote the natural expression of love, beauty, happiness, understanding and acceptance regardless of differences in gender, race, socio-cultural or economic and religious status.
  • Improve present situations within individuals, families and communities in order to construct a better future in the framework of a global society and ecosystem.


corazon valores

Honesty and Transparency

Honesty and transparency are the basic principles that have governed our movement from its beginnings to the consolidation of the Foundation. At present, our internal management guarantees good practices and promotes efficiency and efficacy in achieving our missionary goals.


The fundamental objective of the Foundation is the training and education in human, ethical and universal values, as well as the promotion and dissemination of these values ​​among the general public, and especially among children, youth and vulnerable groups. We pursue the teaching and reflection of those positive values ​​that affect people in their everyday lives, primarily through the millenary yogic culture, both within Spain and in other impoverished and developing countries, and through development cooperation.


To achieve its purposes, the Foundation will carry out the following activities:

a) Organise, promote and support yogic training courses at a national and international level, with the main objective of having a positive, effective and practical impact on children and young people in order to create a happier, more prosperous and peaceful future in all societies of the world.

b) Organise, link, support and expand a national and international community of yoga teachers to teach and promote yogic culture, the integral practices of classical and traditional yoga, and the yogic lifestyle at a global level.

c) Create reading material (books, stories, comics etc.) based on universal values.

d) Create and distribute material: videos, dossiers, images, app, spots and roll-up, to spread universal values.

e) Encourage, promote and participate nationally and internationally in empowerment programs for women and the different groups with social, physical and psychological limitations. Support sustainable community development programs, adapted to different regional, social and cultural needs.

In addition, in order to obtain income, the Foundation may carry out commercial activities whose object is related to the foundational purposes or are complementary or accessory to the previous ones, subject to governmental regulations.

The development of the Foundation’s activities may be carried out, among others and with prior authorization by the Protectorate, where appropriate:

  • By the Foundation directly, in its own or someone else’s facilities.
  • By creating or cooperating in the creation of other entities of an associative, foundational or corporate nature.
  • By participating or collaborating in the development of the activities of other organizations, institutions or people that in some way serve the purposes pursued by the Foundation.

Yoga Pura Vida Foundation develops activities which have the goal of organising, promoting and collaborating in programmes and actions related to education, development of social wellbeing and social services, giving particular attention to communities in vulnerable situations, social exclusion, poverty and inequality. Particular emphasis is given to children and youth, through which the development and education in human values, both ethical and universal, can persist along with the promotion and diffusion of the practices and teachings of the millenary yogic culture. 

The prime but not exclusive areas in which the Foundation will intervene are to: 

a- Organise, promote, support yoga training courses nationally and internationally. The prime objective is to generate a positive, effective and practical impact in the lives of children and youth in order to contribute to a happier, more peaceful and prosperous future in all societies of the world.  

b- Promote, link and support the creation and management of associated delegations of Yoga Pura Vida in other countries which respect and promote the goals, activities, ethical and behavioural norms of the Foundation. Additionally, these delegations must act with maximum commitment, dedication and transparency under the norms and laws of the countries where they are located. 

c- Open and manage centres for classical and traditional yoga training nationally and internationally, such as: 

  1. Ashrams
  2. Schools of yoga
  3. Yoga Academies
  4. Yoga Institutes
  5. Yoga Centres
  6. Yoga Studios

d- Organise, link, support and expand a national and international community of yoga teachers to teach and globally promote the yoga culture, the classic and traditional yoga practices and yogic lifestyle.

e- Promote programmes which protect, develop and enhance good physical, mental and emotional health of civil and military victims of war, of children and adults who suffer from stress and transgenerational trauma, through the application of yogic techniques and related services of training, consultancy and mental and physical support. Provide programmes in education, state and private training in the therapeutic uses of yogic techniques to relieve stress, trauma and physical, mental and emotional suffering.

f- Organise, link and support an international community of state, private institutions and organisations, both academic and professional, to promote programmes and activities which support the yogic culture and yogic lifestyle, sustainable environmental practices, integrative and responsible activities, arts and general knowledge which contribute to the development, expansion and expression of the human consciousness. 

g- Link and support — nationally and internationally — institutions, organisations, academics, professionals, yoga teachers, integrative therapists, artists and all people who love peace and foster love in the world, with the aim of establishing a dialogue and promoting new ideas and programmes applicable to the challenging international situation currently faced in all the societies in the world. 

h- Organise national and international programmes to promote knowledge of global biodiversity and natural resources, raising awareness for better use and preservation of vulnerable and threatened resources in order to address the socio-economic issues that nations must face.

i- Promote the development of the different capacities inherent to human consciousness as a means of encouraging multicultural initiatives for the reduction of poverty without compromising the values of local communities, their cultures or beliefs. 

j- Develop and implement training programmes related to the activities of the Foundation and its delegates, nationally and internationally. These programmes aim to attract individuals motivated to lead a proactive and conscious transformation process, as well as staff of companies and corporations, organisations and nongovernmental and governmental institutions, with the purpose of creating a better environment for families, communities, and work milieus. 

k- Promote, organise and participate in national and international programmes of scientific research about topics related to the activities of the Foundation and its delegates, developing and maintaining bonds with other local and international associate researchers. 

l- Promote, organise and take part in national and international programmes of sustainable business development through the propagation of yogic culture and yogic lifestyle, promoting strategies to make more conscious decisions in the way companies plan their income generation, so that they fully respect the people and environment by implementing fairer, more ethical and sustainable commercial practices. 

m- Develop and maintain bonds with other organisations, national and international, which promote a Mission and a Vision which are similar and aligned to those of the Foundation.

n- Teach and promote nationally and internationally, healthy nutritional habits, daily and moderate physical exercise and a simple and healthy lifestyle, as the base of a yogic lifestyle. 

o- Promote, encourage and participate nationally and internationally in programmes for the conscious and sustainable development of self-employment as a method for material and psychological prosperity. 

p- Promote and encourage, nationally and internationally, the creation and use of ecological products to protect the environment and the planet ecosystems. 

q- Promote, encourage and participate nationally and internationally in programmes of empowerment for women and for different socially disadvantaged communities as well as for different groups of people with physical and/or psychological limitations. 

r- Promote, encourage and participate nationally and internationally in programmes of sustainable community development adapted to different regional, social and cultural needs.

s- Promote and encourage, nationally and internationally, the teaching of music, dance and other types of arts, classical and modern, as well as other activities of self expression as tools for the expansion of consciousness. 

t- Promote nationally and internationally programmes for teaching and learning languages of international relevance from basic level to advanced, in order to improve the education and communication skills. Similarly, develop training programmes in the basic use of computers and modern technologies. 

u- Advocate globally for good family and community relationships, and for the respect of the different genders, races, cultures and beliefs. 

v- Advocate for democratic governments, free from corruption throughout the world, which defend with determination and justice the intrinsic rights of peace, wellbeing, health, education for all the human beings without any distinction of gender, race, religion, age, physical capacity, language, sexual orientation or socioeconomic status. Countries which also defend and protect all living beings that are not threats to human life, and support the ethical use of natural resources.



The current international Covid-19 pandemic has caused planned trainings in Uganda and Sierra Leone to be postponed until they can be carried out safely, which is why we have focused on planning new training and cultural events in Africa. In Spain, we are beginning to plan projects with town councils and institutions while raising awareness of the Foundation’s activities through workshops and events among the population.

Africa remains the only continent where the vast majority of indigenous people do not know what classical yoga is and what the benefits of its practices are, as well as how other types of activities are connected to this ancient wisdom, such as the arts and other types of general knowledge.

In Africa we have been developing projects related to the propagation and teaching of yogic values and lifestyle for almost a decade, including music, dance and other general knowledge capable of generating social and environmental change.

In Africa, we hope to facilitate the postponed trainings in Uganda and Sierra Leone as well as organize other training courses in Tanzania. In Spain, we plan to offer yoga and art therapy programs for children, adolescents, the elderly, educators, psychologists and groups at risk of social exclusion, poverty and vulnerability

Currently the Foundation does not have infrastructure in Africa where volunteer work is needed. If you want to help us, you can organize events to raise awareness about the actions that our organisation is developing or organize events to raise funds and thus help us continue expanding our projects.

Thus far, our funds have come from the personal work of Dharmajyoti and Nuria as well from private donations, companies and fundraising events. For the year 2021, we are planning to start applying for grants in Spain that are assigned to social projects of general interest such as the ones we are currently developing with the Foundation.

We understand that potential donors want to know how their money is going to be spent, so we are committed to keeping all donors regularly informed of the development of our projects through a newsletter and email, so they will know that their donations have been well invested. Dharmajyoti personally moves in the field to make sure that all the expenses derived from each project have no intermediaries and there is complete transparency.

Until now, all the work carried out by the Foundation has been done with the help of volunteers; in this way we exclusively use all our resources for the projects we develop.

100% of your donation will be used to finance our projects. As a non-profit foundation we have an obligation under Spanish Law to ensure that your donation is used for the work that is described in the activities of the Foundation, unless it is clearly stated otherwise.

Ramón, with a doctorate in law and practicing law since 1985, has offices in Barcelona, Granada, Huesca, Madrid, Malaga and Zaragoza. Nuria works part of the year in England taking care of the elderly and the other part teaching art therapy classes in Mallorca. Dharmajyoti has covered 90% of the expenses of the Foundation since 2013 up to today with his personal work as yoga teacher, which continues to be his livelihood and an important source of income for the Foundation.