Take action, with your head, your heart and your hands!

"There is no good that delights us if we do not share it."


With your collaboration and help, we can improve the present and the future of the underprivileged and impoverished children and youth of Africa.

Solidarity Activities

Have you thought of organising an activity that espouses solidarity between your community and the communities that YPVF works with in Africa? Perhaps, a weekly or monthly yoga class, or a yoga and art therapy retreat?

Have you thought of organising an artistic or sporting event that invigorates the unity among your family and your friends?

Do you want to make your wedding an unforgettable and supportive day?

Gather your family, friends and colleagues, and embark upon the challenge of changing the future of Africa.

Plan an event in your community in order to spread Yoga Pura Vida Foundation’s mission of transforming the lives of African children and youth.

Activities with which you can help us achieve our mission

Solidarity yoga class

If you are a yoga teacher or you own a center or studio, organise one class per week or one class per month to collect contributions for Yoga Pura Vida Foundation. This will aid in disseminating knowledge of our projects in Africa, thus enabling us to move forward with our work with as many supporters as possible.

Solidarity yoga for young people

Join with other mothers and fathers and organise a party with music, dance and yoga for your children and the whole family! Through these activities, young children especially will come to understand the meaning and great importance of solidarity activities that help other girls and boys with fewer possibilities.

Art therapy solidarity workshops

The Foundation organizes art therapy workshops to promote self-discovery and development of consciousness. These workshops always achieve very positive results, so we encourage you to integrate this technique to support the development of self-awareness.

Workshops and yoga retreats

Organise a workshop or retreat to fundraise in order to benefit your yogic community and the less privileged communities of Africa.

Solidarity lunch or dinner

Offer an aperitif, a solidarity menu or a food tasting that raises donations for our projects. This will help adults focus on the great value of working to improve the lives of people who have fewer opportunities to develop themselves as they wish to.

Solidarity cinema

Organise a film projection, and allow the magic of cinema to lure many to the event. Before the screening of the film, offer a dinner or an auction, or whatever your imagination inspires you to put on, to raise funds and donate them to YPVF with the purpose of expanding our work on the African continent.

Solidarity auction

Help finance our projects with an auction. You can auction anything from a cake to an antique. Invite your community with the purpose of donating to YPVF.

Charity Bazaar

Contribute to the transformation of Africa by selling items that you, your friends, family and acquaintances can sell at a market with the proceeds going to YPVF.

Kirtan and music

Make the transformative power of kirtan and music touch the hearts of those around you. Attendees may pay or donate with the proceeds going to YPVF.

Solidarity sport

Organise a sporting, recreational or leisure event and raise funds for YPVF.

Solidarity art

If you are a plastic artist, musician or of any other kind, organize an exhibition, a concert or any type of event where your art becomes the driver of change to achieve a more beautiful, just and happy society.

Solidarity baby shower

Make the arrival of your baby into the world as special as it is supportive. Become an example and inspiration to other mothers so that more girls and boys can develop a better society for their future in some of the most impoverished places in the world.

Solidarity wedding

Surprise your guests with a gesture of solidarity, substituting gifts for a donation to the Yoga Pura Vida Foundation. This important moment in your life will be memorable as you help improve the lives of many other people who are in unfavorable circumstances.