Head Heart Hands

With these three elements we bring Yoga closer to the most unprotected communities in Africa

Activities We Do

Fundación Yoga Pura Vida yoga para niños y niñas en África

Through the values of Yoga, we enhance the integral growth of children and youngsters as well transform the education system.

Fundación Yoga Pura Vida yoga y arteterapia para adultos en Africa

Through the yogic practices, we enhance the physical, mental and emotional health of adults.

We train young people as yoga instructors, generating new leaders in the communities and a new way of earning their livelihood.

We facilitate yoga to eldery  people, their caregivers and families enhancing their quality of life.

yoga pura vida senior adultos mayores

Achievements and Scope

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Children and youngsters benefited
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Benefited adults
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Schools where we have introduced Yoga
Projects in refugee camps
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NGO's and orphanages practicing Yoga with us