We have started the sixth phase of our project!

Refugee Camp Dzaleka - Malawi

Project "Yoga for Peace, Reconciliation and Unity"

We have already benefited 3,746 children and 340 adults and in the next phase we will impact over 12,000 children and 1,000 adults.

Our project focuses on sharing tools that improve psychosocial support, mental and physical health of refugees and the host community as well as the improvement of education. Over 55,000 refugees and asylum seekers live in Dzaleka. Over 33,000 are children of which more than 22,000 are out of school. Post-traumatic disorders, the precariousness of life in and around the settlement, added to the effect of the covid-19 pandemic, has worsened the mental conditions of the entire population.

To continue with the project from this fifth phase, we have partnered with the Mind and Life Institute and Dzaleka Dojo organisation, which, in turn. This partnership secures the strength and success of the project, which may bear more fruits when replicated in new refugee camps in the near future. Right now we are  Training 34 participants.