We nourish the mind of children and youth with positive qualities for their holistic development

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It is well known that classical yoga practices bring tranquility, flexibility, self-awareness and inner peace. All these benefits can also occur in young people and children, whether they are nervous, calm, hyperactive or have some type of physical or mental limitation.

During childhood, a human being needs more than just food and drink for his overall nourishment. Yoga provides children with fundamental elements that enrich and balance their healthy development on a physical, mental and emotional level.

Eleven Outstanding Beneficial Results

Greater Positive Self-Esteem

Yoga practices contribute to the development of self-knowledge and increased self-esteem, learning to discover & accept their limitations and appreciate & use their abilities.

Greater Creativity

Stories, games and other yoga techniques increase the imaginative and creative capacity of the little ones, fundamental qualities to be able to overcome the obstacles that life brings throughout its journey.


Fun cannot be excluded when it comes to childhood. Each yoga posture is associated with an animal or a natural element, so the little ones will have fun imitating a frog, a tree or a mountain while listening to stories narrating universal ethical human values.

More Strength and Endurance

Yoga activities at an early age are very dynamic, helping the children to develop stronger physical and mental qualities.

Greater Concentration and Memory

Specific yogic practices help to increase these capacities notably, which then emerge spontaneously and naturally when kids are studying or memorising.

Increased Relaxation and Calmness

Techniques like Yoga Nidra, breath control, and the awareness of the breath entering and leaving the body generate the sensations of peace and tranquility from the very first session.

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Better Communication Skills

Yoga helps psychologically to communicate interpersonally more efficiently, referring to the thoughts, ideas and concepts we have about ourselves and at the same time being able to express ourselves towards others in a more natural and spontaneous way.

Improvement of Social Skills

Yogic activities promote companionship and cooperation instead of competitiveness, thereby strengthening the bonds of friendship, generating an environment of respect between boys and girls, and between them and their elders.

Increased Awareness of the Natural Environment

The ecological dimension of yoga highlights the interdependence of the human being and nature. For this reason, the yogic practices and lifestyle awaken and strengthen the environmental awareness, generating respect for the coexistence with the natural environment.

Development of Humanistic Qualities

Non-violence, patience, truthfulness, honesty, humility, generosity, love, respect, & compassion are some of the many positive qualities that drive the Yogic philosophy and lifestyle. These attributes that girls and boys acquire by being in contact with the ancient yogic practices, constitute the fundamental basis for building a healthier and happier society.

Strengthening of Ethical and Universal Values

The teachings that are transmitted through specific yoga practices, stories and the instructor’s own behavior, help the development of all the positive, appropriate & correct qualities that the human being possesses. Such qualities must be fostered and nurtured from an early age for the children to be able to apply them later with wisdom at the right time.

"If every 8 year old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation.”

Dalai Lama

Yoga in Public and Private Schools


We have introduced yoga in over 70 schools.

Our goal is to continue working towards introducing yoga in schools in all the countries where we intervene.

yoga en las escuelas

Yoga in Impoverished Areas


Since 2013 yoga activities for children and youth have been shared in some of the most impoverished places in Africa.

This has been possible with the incessant efforts of the instructors trained by the foundation, organising yoga activities in the most underprivileged communities of their cities and villages with the intention of taking forward the spirit of YPV – ‘Service with Love’.

Yoga in Refugee Camps

Yoga in Dzaleka Refugee Camp

Through the Yoga TTC held in Tanzania in 2018, and a seminar held in in Dzaleka (Malawi) in 2019, we have trained a resident instructor. The excellent work done in extremely difficult circumstances, substantially improves the quality of life of hundreds of children and their families in a settlement where more than 50,000 people live together in extreme conditions.

yoga para ninios refugiados

Yoga for Children with Special Needs

yoga para pequenios con necesidades especiales

With much love and sincere desire to help improve the capacities of the children with more difficulties, some of the instructors that we have trained, are today giving yoga classes in special education centers for children with physical and / or mental difficulties.

Cooperating with other Organisations

coperando con otras organizaciones

In 2015 the instructors trained by YPV began to give yoga classes to children in different NGOs, orphanages and community organiSations, contributing their skills and knowledge to other good projects aligned with the mission and vision of our movement.

A Glimpse of our Classes

Children enjoying, having fun and learning while incorporating the values and benefits of yoga during fun-filled sessions with qualified instructors trained by the Foundation.