Children and Youth, the Best Investment

The Social Impact of Investing in Children

Investing resources in childhood development is the duty of older generations. We have the ability to contribute to their success since where a child is born should not determine their rights, or limit their future opportunities. Unfortunately, as a society we are failing since many children continue to fall behind others. We must focus on uplifting the lives of these children in order for them to grow in a dignified, healthy and happy way, and for them to be able to choose their own destiny. 

It is a fact that investing in children brings positive and profitable results for society as a whole, since children are the basis on which societies are built. The most prosperous countries are those that have invested a greater amount of resources in the young population (World Bank, 2016).

Fundación Yoga Pura Vida yoga y arteterapia para niños, niñas y adolescentes

By investing in children, we can also work indirectly with families and communities, and so on. Thus, improving the conditions of children and youth means both contributing to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals, and creating beneficial social impact.

Not only with shelter and food, children are protected and nurtured, especially in those impoverished populations where children live in unfavorable and vulnerable conditions with risk of exclusion; It is also important to carry out community actions that help to promote self-sufficiency, in which different kind of tools are shared to stimulate 

their skills and abilities in the child – youth population, while enhancing their physical, psychological and emotional health, thus contributing to their processes of growth and integral development as a dignified, happy and productive human being.

The ethical code of the Yoga Pura Vida Foundation is established as a requirement that companies and autonomous who decides to collaborate with our institution must meet. The application of the code guarantees that the self – employed and the collaborating companies comply with the minimum criteria established by the Foundation, thereby establishing a coherent task in line with the principles contained in this code.

Specifically, Fundación Yoga Pura Vida does not agree to collaborate with autonomous and companies that:

  • Disrespect the International Conventions on Human Rights.
  • Do not comply with the fundamental ILO Conventions, referring to forced labor, child labor and the right to unionize.
  • Disrespect the environment.
  • Do not respect public health either in their products or in their production processes.
  • Engage in the production of weapons or technology for war.
  • Are involved in cases of corruption, bribery or other illegal activities.
  • Promote violence. At a general level, it will be necessary that the activity of the company is not inconsistent with the mission and values of Fundación Yoga Pura Vida.
  • A clause will be included in all contracts and collaboration agreements, specifying that violating this code will be cause for immediate termination of the agreement.

Partnerships to achieve the goals and our path to meet the 2030 Agenda

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) require all sectors to generate synergies and develop alliances. For the first time in history, the 2030 Agenda has granted a strategic place for the self-employed and companies to move towards sustainable global development.

At the Yoga Pura Vida Foundation, we understand that no matter the sector or size of the company, all can contribute to achieving global goals. Moreover, all businesses must assume a commitment to bettering the lives of vulnerable children.

We must continue working with more companies, NGOs and foundations, in order to ensure that children have a dignified, inclusive, happy, healthy future in conditions of safety and integrity.