YogArtherapy, a path to achieve Emotional Freedom, Peace and Happiness

The fusion of two therapeutic systems

The fusion of these both therapies, complementary to each other, have a unique approach to nourish the whole being; body, mind and spirit, creating a safe and effective space for prevention and healing, where physical, emotional or spiritual difficulties are addressed with love and compassion. Through the implementation of these two therapeutic techniques, the beneficiaries learn to overcome obstacles and face life’s challenges with clarity and confidence, guided by their inner wisdom.

YogArt Therapy methodology used by the foundation, is being developed and used in Spain for the last 6 years by Nuria Torralbo Garcia. We highlight also that Renée Cameron Pierre, coordinator and co-designer of our programs, has created and directed research programs on yoga philosophy and practices, art, creativity and emotion management at Visva-Bharati University, Santiniketan, Calcutta.

Art Therapy and Therapeutic Yoga for prevention and healing of mental disorders.

Yoga and art are based on experience rather than intellectual basis. The mind can convince us of many things, but our body and our creative intuition know the truth. We found that emotions accumulate creating blockages in the body, therefore, by doing certain specific techniques of classical yoga, a person can access deep emotions, which can be channeled through a process of artistic creation, this being a means deep and clear expression of being. These experiential tools are both protective and healing, and are based on meeting the needs of the individual to help them develop their strengths and function better in life.

Art therapy

Art Therapy is used to cover areas in which verbal therapy is not enough, being equally effective to alleviate school failure, attention disorders or other series of difficulties that many children, young people and elders have today. Much of Waldorf pedagogy is based on similar foundations, in which art as a pedagogical method brings very positive results.


YPV system includes in our Art Therapy sessions, specific techniques of classical yoga, suitable for each circumstance.

The Yoga Art Therapy System is applied to people of all ages, from the smallest to the oldest.