We innovate to improve the education and mental health of young and eldery people

Art Therapy and Yoga for Teenagers

Instituto Ciudad de Los Angeles en Madrid

The government of Madrid sponsor our pilot project at the Ciudad de los Angeles institute, where we include Art Therapy and Yoga for the education and integral health of teenagers. The EARTDI team, from the Complutense University of Madrid, led by Dr. Maria Fernandez Cao, joined the intervention and research consultancy of our project, in order to apply instruments that demonstrate the effectiveness of yoga and art therapy in the program

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Nourishing Body, Mind and Soul

Yoga in elderly homes

We are developing 2 projects in Madrid with therapeutic techniques from classical yoga to benefit the elderly.

yoga ancianos adultos mayores tercera edad
yoga ancianos adultos mayores tercera edad

Yoga sessions improve the physical and mental capacities of the elderly, while they enjoy an intimate and social moment that enriches life within gerontological centres.

Yoga & Art Therapy in secondary schools

We are developing 2 projects in Madrid using Yoga and Art Therapy to improve the difficult situation that many young people live nowadays Globally.

Yoga Arteterapia Pura Vida
yoga para inclusion social e igualdad de genero

Yoga for social inclusion and gender equality

In association with the Karibu organisation, we are developing a project to help a group of elderly African immigrant women.