We innovate to improve the education and mental health of young and eldery people

Art Therapy and Yoga for Teenagers

Instituto Ciudad de Los Angeles en Madrid

The government of Madrid sponsor our pilot project at the Ciudad de los Angeles institute, where we include Art Therapy and Yoga for the education and integral health of teenagers. The EARTDI team, from the Complutense University of Madrid, led by Dr. Maria Fernandez Cao, joined the intervention and research consultancy of our project, in order to apply instruments that demonstrate the effectiveness of yoga and art therapy in the program

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Nourishing Body, Mind and Soul

Yoga for eldery people

We are developing therapeutic yoga projects to benefit elderly people, many of them with Alzheimer’s, dementia and other mental and physical pathologies.

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Art Therapy

It is used to support emotional, psychological and social conflicts, self-esteem, personal and family breakdown, and other social and psychological problems.

Yoga & Art Therapy

The fusion of these two techniques helps to overcome obstacles and face the challenges of life with clarity and confidence, creating a safe and effective space for prevention and healing, where physical, emotional or spiritual difficulties are addressed with love and compassion.

Yoga Arteterapia Pura Vida
Yoga Arteterapia Pura Vida

Innovating in mental health and education

Social innovation is applied to the field of mental health and education, recognising the social, structural and political determinants; addressing them to improve the mental health of students.