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Yoga and Art Therapy

Yoga is the science of self-knowledge and the style of living correctly. The word ‘yoga’ means harmony, unity and balance. This sense of harmony and unity must be expressed and practiced in relation to oneself first and then [ ] other people and the environment.

Yogic practice relaxes the agitations of the mind and reduces anxious states. Examples of these practices include yoga nidra or pranayama techniques such as nadi shodhana, ujjayi and brahmari.

In yoga, breathing is considered a very important process, as well as the most vital for the absorption of prana (vital energy). Prana and mind influence each other. Through the practice of nadi shodhana pranayama, we can induce calm and tranquility in different ways. It relieves the blood system of all toxins, which purifies action for brain cells, thus increasing the optimal functioning of the brain. The balance of the prana fluid also has a positive influence on the body’s response to stress, helping to keep it in a normal range.

On the other hand, there is art therapy, which is therapy through art. The two terms that make up the term ‘art therapy’ are as follows:

Art: Creative activity through which a person expresses feelings and emotions using different techniques, procedures and materials.

Therapy: Process that is carried out with the aim of alleviating or improving symptoms or diseases.

Art therapy is considered a technique for personal development and self-knowledge that uses artistic creation to facilitate the expression and resolution of emotions and psychological conflicts. The most important aspect is the creative process and not the final results of the work. The creative process helps develop inventive capacity, increases self-awareness, focus, stimulates catharsis or elimination of what can alter the mind and balance of the nervous system.

In the case of children, expression through drawing and painting enables them to freely showcase their emotions and feelings about experiences. Words impose limits, while drawings belong to both the conscious and the unconscious world. Thus, the creative process allows one to express personal conflicts without conscious control.

Yoga and art therapy add and collaborate in different areas and sectors of the population, especially in the educational field and in different marginal groups, whether social, economic or of any other kind.

Nuria Torralbo García

Nuria Torralbo García

Nuria discovered yoga during adolescence and, over many years, deepened her practice and philosophy until yoga became her lifestyle. From an early age, she took an interest in helping the most vulnerable people, which led her to work with several NGOs in Madrid, Spain.

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