The practice of Classical Yoga helps to develop all the positive qualities of the Human Being

Continuous Instructors Training

Beyond the courses, Yoga Pura Vida provides permanent and continuous training actions to its instructors through free seminars and workshops, with the aim of facilitating the deepening of the yogic lifestyle through practices and its philosophy.

Yoga on three Continents

Regarding economic and financial sustainability, from 2013 to 2019, 90% of the resources that financed the projects of the Yoga Pura Vida movement came from the organization through seminars, workshops and classes that Dharmajyoti directed in different countries in Asia, Africa and Europe for beginners and yoga teachers.

Art - the expression of the Soul

Since the inception of Yoga Pura Vida Foundation as a movement and till date, our activities have been conducted with a holistic approach to benefit the integral development of the people with whom we interact. Therefore, Arts as a tool for the expansion of consciousness and expression of the Human Being, occupies a very important place in our programs, since our main objective is to enhance all the creative capacities that people have, so that they can express and nurture their positive qualities in a natural and spontaneous way.

Art therapy

Nuria from Spain, the Vice president of YPVF has been diving deep into the vast subject of Art Therapy since 2007, developing long-term courses, workshops and personalized therapies with the aim of promoting self-discovery and increased awareness in people of all ages, from infancy to old age. This has enabled the participants of her classes to observe things from a new perspective and to explore different dimensions of their mind & emotions.

artererapia 1

In the last 5 years, based on her own experiences, Nuria has included specific yoga techniques with Art Therapy 

in order to enrich the learning and experiences of the participants, thereby obtaining remarkable results in her students.

More activities


By 2021, we intend to include different integrative and cultural trainings including holistic techniques, music, dance and other innovative activities in addition to the Art Therapy, which shall also aid in increasing the economic and financial resources, thereby strengthening the sustainability of the Foundation’s programs.