Mantra – The Science of Vibrations (part 3)

Universal Frequencies

The latent vibrations in all types of sound can move the surrounding energy waves to separate and eliminate forces of opposite quality.

The entire universe is like a conscious, electromagnetic ocean of energy waves. The flow of thoughts and feelings occurs through a type of omnipresent wave. The subtle sound energy waves emanating from the practice of japa, spread out into the cosmos and reach the japa sadhaka with an amplified impact after being superimposed and ‘electro magnetized’ by the subtle waves of a similar nature that exist along the cosmic path.

Positive or negative thoughts generated by the individual mind influence the thought fields in the environment by attracting thought waves of compatible quality and rejecting those of the opposite quality.

Thought waves form their own field of attraction that adds to the expansion of the corresponding thought streams (positive or negative) in the cosmic realms. Similar is the effect of the waves of consciousness generated by different types of feelings and emotions.

The waves of thoughts or feelings / emotions of an individual, are strengthened in similar or coincident fields, crossed by these waves during their cosmic journey; and due to the periodic nature of the movement of these same waves, they finally reach their point of origin. The completion of each of these cycles amplifies the intensity of the associated good or bad effects. These inducing effects, while subliminal in nature, do indeed play an important role in inspiring and shaping one’s character, and therefore in building one’s destiny.

Waves of the mantra japa

The subtle waves generated by the mantra-japa are often more powerful and faster than the thought waves of the sadhaka. If generated repeatedly, in a constant cyclical manner, these suprasonic waves help to create a serene and divine environment in and around the sadhaka, with a strong field of attraction to influence the other waves of thoughts and feelings that may collide with them

It is well known that magnetic effects composed of similar atoms (particles) lead to their grouping. This grouping eventually results in the formation of a mine that is enriched with the increase in its attractive power by the successive increase in its deposit of similar atoms. Equivalently, the domain of influence of the subtle sonic waves generated by the japa of a mantra expands and becomes more powerful with the increase in the number of people of similar spiritual levels who perform collective japa.

The amplifications of the radio waves emitted by the powerful transmitters of the broadcasting centers make it possible to reach the entire world. Similarly, the force of conscious energy in the waves generated by japa intensifies along with the increase in faith, sincerity, strength and compassion of the sadhaka’s thoughts and feelings.

Each mantra in the Vedas has been related to a Devata (Divine being of light) that symbolizes an eternal field of energy with a specific flow of cosmic consciousness. Each time a mantra is uttered or chanted in a specific rhythmic way, its associated sonic waves expand in a specific pattern; and after passing through certain layers of energy, the particles in the surrounding space reach and penetrate cosmic nuclei corresponding to certain divine powers.

The subtle energy of the mind generated through meditation while performing japa, helps the transformation of sound waves into electromagnetic waves for the cosmic transmission. The collision of the mantra waves with the corresponding divine power center, produces the reflection of the cosmic radiation desired according to the objective of the associated mantra. These waves return to the nuclei of physical and subtle energy in and around the Sadhaka, or reach some other ‘point’ in the universe as indicated by the specific chanting pattern of the corresponding mantra.

The described process of transmission and reception or communication between the sadhaka and the divine center is slow and shows little effects at first. Its impact gradually increases in a compound way with dedicated practice and perfection of the japa mantra, along with an increase in the intrinsic faith, mental piety, concentration and restraint of the sadhaka.

Sn. Dharmajyoti

Sn. Dharmajyoti

President of the Yoga Pura Vida Foundation. He has focused the last 20 years in studying and experimenting ancient techniques of classical and traditional yoga, and for the last 10 years he has concentrated his energy in developing Yoga Pura Vida projects.

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