An act of solidarity always carries a message of hope, dignity and peace, filling with joy the hearts of those who give and those who receive.

Thank you very much!

All the achievements that can be seen today have arisen thanks to the help of family members, friends, companies, institutions and anonymous people who with the best intention and effort have provided and continue to provide help in various ways.

Here are some of them...

In 2020, we launched a fundraising campaign to finance the Hatha Yoga course and Yoga Instructors Training for Children that we planned to conduct before the end of 2020 in Uganda. We have postponed these courses until the situation with the coronavirus pandemic improves enough to allow us to travel and administer the courses safely. We keep the money collected from the fundraiser in our bank account to be used when the project can be carried out properly. There are also donors who transferred their donation directly to our account.