Renée Cameron Pierre

Inspired by the teachings of various Sanathana Dharma teachers and especially the teachers of the Satyananda yoga tradition, she focuses her life on helping others in their human growth using yoga, writing and art.

Sri Vidya

Sri Vidya is a Tantric System devoted to the goddess as the transcendental creative energy and supreme manifestation of the cosmos. She is worshiped in the form of a mystical diagrama, central focus and ritual object composed of nine intersecting triangles, called the Shri Yantra.


Hanuman represents awakened consciousness. He epitomises a being who is enlightened He is a symbol of humility, knowledge and wisdom. He is a disciple with great strength, courage and absolute surrender and devotion to his master. Every Spiritual aspirant must have the characteristics and qualities of Hanuman.


Spirituality is not a discipline, dogma, or a belief system; it is a spontaneous appreciation, worship and adoration of life. Religions are dogmas, belief systems, traditions and ideas. Spirituality, however, is a process of attaining personal transformation, purity and upliftment.