Yoga Pura Vida

YPV is a non-profit, non-governmental and non-religious organization registered in Tanzania – Reg. No. 122127.Our goal is to help the integral development of individuals and communities to live to their full potential. We use the ancient philosophy and practices of yoga as the primary tool of transformation for self-awareness and expansion of consciousness, helping to express the creative capacities of the individual and to release the energies we all carry within. We are bringing peace, joy, health and happiness by sharing traditional and holistic as well as modern and sustainable knowledge.


The Seva Team

Seva means unselfish service; it describes all those actions necessary to seek and perform activities, helping to uplift, support and empower other beings. It brings a clear understanding of the real needs of individuals, family and community, which are based on peaceful togetherness and harmonic integration.

The practice of Seva transforms our personalities in the most effective and positive way. The YPV Seva Team experience the magnificent effects of this practice through the opportunity we have to Serve, Love & Give. Expressing love and compassion with the sincerest desire to uplift society.
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Dharmajyoti is a devoted yoga practitioner and student from the Satyandanda Tradition. He has over 5.000 hrs. in different sorts of yoga courses and trainings and over 30 years of experience in sharing psycho-spiritual-fiscal knowledge and skills around the world, including, music, martial arts and fitness. He has been living and teaching in America, Europe, Asia and Africa and traveling the whole continents. He has been studying, practicing and volunteering in ashrams and therapy centres in India and Nepal. His dedication to spread yoga wisdom and practices lead him to organize the creation of the NGO Yoga Pura Vida.

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Ayda is a dedicated yoga propagator, her training with YPV in classical yoga started in 2014, Nowadays she teaches Hatha yoga as well she is certified 200 hrs. in Power Yoga and 200 hrs. in Ashtanga yoga and 40hrs in yoga for children. She is the inspiration for many people in Unguja Island (Zanzibar) and on the Tanzanian main land. She is continuously studying and sharing her knowledge and skills with her community. Her main goal is to introduce yoga knowledge to all those who have never practiced it before. She is empowering woman and people with special needs.

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Karim is training in classical Hatha Yoga with YPV since 2017, beside he is a great children yoga teacher. Also he has completed diploma studies in Performing Arts. His legacy to Tanzania is to be the first teacher in the whole country who has introduced yoga as part of curriculum in two schools of Bagamoyo, being the first yoga teacher hired in Tanzanian schools, creating a magnificent precedent for other teachers and schools. His great work is being recognized now all around Tanzania. His genuine aim to help Tanzania communities, especially the kids and teenagers are affecting the lives of many children and their families.

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Yoga teacher

Moses also had been training intensively with YPV since 2013. He has over 2000 hrs. of training in last the 5 years, beside he is an artisan and a percussionist. His effort and perseverance have leaded him to become a great yogi and excellent yoga teacher. His skills made him an important part of our programs. His determination and effort make him to be one of our most valued representatives in Tanzania

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Yoga teacher

Meida also had been training with YPV since 2013. He is also a gifted craftsman and a percussionist. Being busy with his responsibilities with wife and his 5 children he is keeping the yoga teachings in the little town where YPV have started in 2013, Kikokwe.

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Yoga Teacher

Rehema is training in classical Hatha Yoga with YPV since 2017. She is a 200 hrs. Power Yoga certificated yoga teacher by AYP and 40hrs in yoga for children. Her goal is to introduce and spread yoga to all her community. She says “yoga had improved my behavior and I become powerful and flexible physical and emotional. Yoga makes me feel connected, relaxed and energetic. I believe that sharing yoga with my community make the world a better place”.

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Yoga Teacher

Morise had been training intensively with YPV since 2013. He has over 2000 hrs. of training in last the 5 years, beside he is an artisan and a percussionist. His skills and dedication in the yogic practices have made him a great yogi and excellent yoga propagator. He is concentrated to learn as much yoga as he can, while sharing everything he has learnt with his community.

A little bit of history

The idea of this organization was conceived by Dharmajyoti in 2012, when he began to coordinate ideas, work and resources with the intention of spreading the practices of traditional and classical yogas with the aim of promoting experiences and more knowledge about this science as well as encourage other activities to impulse health and education. Thanks to the support of family and friends, the first project began in 2013 in a small village of 700 inhabitants in Tanzania called Kikokwe. Slowly, with strong determination, with clear ideas and with great serenity YPV managed to introduce, expand and consolidate our programs to this day.

Our Core Values & Aims

Ancient Yoga values, as embodied in our teaching and organizational structure, are inspired by the “Yamas and Niyamas” of Ashtanga yoga philosophy. These rules of ethics and conduct are applicable to all cultures, religions and societies around the Globe. We believe there are certain essential Human Rights to respect, encourage and promote. Please find attached our policy (we need to place a link with the data bellow as a document)