About Us

YPV is a non-profit organization elevating physically, mentally and emotionally communities and individuals. Empowering the creative possibilities of the people through traditional and classical yoga practices as well as holistic, artistic, professional, academic and environmental activities

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Yoga Pura Vida
Whatsapp : +255 718 252 525
E: info@yogapuravida.com

Incoming Events

YPV will do Workshop in Zanzibar (to be completed with Marcelo)

Our Mission

Our mission is to “Serve, Love and Give” raising and strengthening society; Helping to increase the physical, mental and emotional well-being of the people through the practices and philosophy of ancient yoga, as well as the application of other types  of holistic, artistic, professional, academic and sustainable activities.

Support Us

Yoga Pura Vida initiative is only based on personal initiative and good will from the team.

* We welcome every hands willing to help us propagate the virtue of Yoga

They speak About Us

Check out the impact created by Yoga Pura Vida throughout the testimonials left by people who encountered us.