Our Mission

Our main goal is to teach yoga life style to children to build a healthier, happier and peaceful society. Bringing yoga practices into the school system and all kind of organizations supporting children development.

Also to bring yoga practices and philosophy to adults and people with special needs. Uplifting unprivileged communities and creating new job possibilities.


Our Vision

Is to connect institutions, organizations, entrepreneurs, yoga teachers, holistic therapists, artists, professionals, academics and all those yoga lovers who want to contribute in the exchange of knowledge, skills and materials with those who can benefit from these interactions. Supporting, organising and promoting different types of projects related to yoga and other social, cultural or environmental activities.

Our Area of Work

At present the work carried out by YPV focuses on a small number of communities and / or groups of people, thus allowing us to focus our efforts on building trust and recognition for our work. Our goal is to foster lasting relationships to ensure the sustainability of our participation in each of our projects, while trying to expand our projects to other African countries.

Through various long-term development projects, we are helping to improve the lives of some of the most impoverished people in Africa as well to alleviate the physical and mental and emotional ailments produced by the challenging experience of life in this continent.

Our commitments to enrich and empower society are the main areas of focus. We recognize the importance of fully identifying and understanding the unique needs of each community and / or groups we interact with, in order to respond effectively and sustainably

Our direction and intention to develop and implement long-term positive change goes beyond any limits due to the races, religions, ethnicities, cultures and policies of the places where we interact.
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Children and youth : the next generation

We focus especially on the development of projects for children and young people. Knowing that they are the parents and leaders of the future; they should be allowed and encouraged to express their creativity through their dormant faculties to a maximum level. Supporting them from an early age they will shine like the sun and the whole society will benefit from their knowledge, skills, kindness and consciousness.

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Uplifting our everyday life

Through our projects YPV creates new opportunities of job while elevating impoverished communities with no or little resources in order to improve their quality of life and shape their future. Our teachers are trained through courses and workshops in order to become better yoga life style propagators.

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Environmental awareness

YPV is developing environmental awareness projects through different projects trying to minimize the effects of the plastics as well to organizing nurseries and planting of trees. Teaching the children to care of Mother Earth Health

Our current projects

Yoga in school

YPV have introduced yoga as part of curriculum in one primary and one secondary school and we have done a formal research in these two schools to prove the benefits of yoga practices into the school system. Actually we are working to introduce yoga in other schools of Tanzania.

Yoga at job

We are introducing yoga classes in private companies to encourage the use of yoga as a human and business development tool. This projects help the teachers become financial independent.

Yoga for those in need

We are introducing outreach classes and other activities for children, youth and adults in different communities. Our main goal is to give access to all those with little or no recourses to this practices from an early age to promote a healthier and harmonious society in all those places where children and adults do not have the opportunity to experience the great benefits of all these techniques and activities.

Yoga to overcome addiction

In 2014 YPV have started giving yoga classes in a detoxification & rehabilitation centres around Tanzania. The authorities and residents of this sober houses appreciate and recognize the positive effects of the techniques applied to support their rehabilitation.