Our Mission

Our main goal is to form in an efficient, systematic and sustained way the main classical paths of yoga to African individuals; assisting them with guidance and support to become serious yogins as well knowledgeable, sincere and committed yoga teachers; to fully understand the purpose of educating into the yoga life style to children, youth and adults, with the intention to build a healthier, happier, peaceful and more prosperous society.


Achieved Mission Succsess

The success of our mission has been achieved being honest and sincere to our intention, regardless the difficulties and obstacles we find on the way. With strong determination and devoted dedication the YPV teachers have been serving their communities with love and respect, introducing yoga practices since last seven years into unprivileged and impoverished villages and slums in Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda and the Dzaleka refugee camp in Malawi were over 40.000 people struggle to achieve prosperity and happiness in their lives.

Our Vision

Is to keep teaching yoga to children and youth as the core of all our projects. Bringing yoga practices into each and every place where kids are interacting. Focusing in the introduction of yoga into the school system and into organizations supporting children and youth development. In addition, creating new job opportunities while educating kids, adults and people with special needs through the understanding of adopting a simple yoga life style for uplifting their human capacities to it's maximum extend.

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