Yoga Pura Vida

YPV is a non-profit, non-governmental and non-religious organization registered in Tanzania – Reg. No. 122127.Our goal is to help the integral development of individuals and communities to live to their full potential. We use the ancient philosophy and practices of yoga as the primary tool of transformation for self-awareness and expansion of consciousness, helping to express the creative capacities of the individual and to release the energies we all carry within. We are bringing peace, joy, health and happiness by sharing traditional and holistic as well as modern and sustainable knowledge.

A little bit of history

The idea of this organization was conceived by the founder, Sn. Dharmajyoti, in 2012, when he began to coordinate ideas, work and resources with the intention of spreading the practices of traditional and classical yogas with the aim of promoting yogic experiences and more knowledge about this old science with the goal to impulse integral health and education. Thanks to the support of family and friends, the first project began in 2013 in a small village of 700 inhabitants in Tanzania called Kikokwe. Slowly, with strong determination, clear ideas and great serenity YPV managed to introduce, expand and consolidate programs to this day in Uganda, Malawi, Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania.

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